Smart Replies

Smart Replies

private reply

You can specify a custom response to each post on Facebook, that is automatically sent to any user who leaves a comment on it

Add managers

Add managers


general response

You can specify a public response to any post on your page, that is automatically sent to any user who leaves a comment on it

Reply to your clients on Facebook quickly

Your message will reach your client as soon as they comment on your page without the need for you to take any action

Kaleem features

  • Public Reply
  • Private Reply
  • Keywords
  • Statistics
  • Permission management
  • Smart replies
  • ChatBot
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Public reply of the page

One step allows you to write a reply automatically reaching any user commenting on a post on your page at any time without any action on your part


Also, you can automatically add the working hours of your company, phone numbers, address, or any information you would like to convey to your Facebook page followers.

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Private replies

Identify a private reply for any post on your page

Identify keywords to send a reply when matching the user’s comment

You can also choose a reply when the comments do not match the keywords.

Follow the statistics of the post’s replies and comments via charts.

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Add editors and managers with specific permissions

You can add editors or managers to add and follow public and private replies without the need to give any permissions on your Facebook page.


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