• What are the available payment methods?
    Credit cards
    Prepaid Kaleem cards
    Bank transfer
  • How can I get a prepaid card?
    You can buy a card to pay in Kaleem if you do not have a credit, more info is found here on the agent’s page
  • How can I move from a certain package to a higher one?
    You can choose the higher package you want on the packages’page. Your bill date will change to reflect the day of the activation of the new package.
    The days in the previous package will be counted, and the amount left will be added to your balance in the new bill
    your current package is the 9-dollar individual package. The start date is the first day of the month, and on the fifteenth, you decided to move to the 39-dollar start-up business package,
    The amount of your balance will be calculated as follows:
    (9/30) * 15 = 4.5
    9-4.5 = 4.5 $
    39-4.5 = 34.5 $
    You will pay 34.5 USD for the first bill because you had a balance. Your next bill will be 39 USD on the fifteenth of the next month.
  • How can I move to a lower package? For example, from start-up businesses to individuals’ package?
    At any time, you can choose the new package on the packages’page.
    You will need to wait until the end of the current bill, and the change to the new lower package will automatically take effect at the start of the next bill.

Public and Private Replies

  • I have many posts on my page, can I add a reply to them at once?
     Yes, you can use public reply which will be sent to any person commenting on a post on your page except for the posts where you activated a private reply.                                  
  • I added many private replies to my posts and would like to remove them all.
    You can use the option of removing the settings of private reply found on the sidebar. This action will remove the settings of the private reply for all the posts with private replies. Alternatively, you can use the private reply disable button found beside each post. In this case, you need to remove the settings of each post separately.
  • Can I change the prices in all posts in one click?
    Yes, you can that through the edit exchange rate option                                  


  • I want to use another page in Kaleem instead of the current one, how can I do that?
    Please click the add page button
    Go to Facebook
    Choose the page you want
    Select the page you do not want in Kaleem
    You will find the new page instead of the old one                                  
  • Will the details of public and private replies and statistics be deleted if I delete the page?
    No, the page settings are saved so that you can reuse them next time, especially if you delete them by mistake.                                  
  • I want to delete all pages and their details from Kaleem?
    Please remove the settings of private reply for the pages you have
    Remove public reply for all pages
    Delete the pages from Kaleem interface by the delete button
    Move to Facebook and delete all Kaleem permissions on your pages
    You can also delete all comments, and replies added through Kaleem in Facebook settings here                                  
  • I deleted a page, and when I signed in, I found it again, why?
    The page delete button deletes the page from Kaleem interface only.
    You can delete the pages from Facebook when signing in after selecting the page you want to delete                                  


  • What are the editor’s permissions?
    The editor can add or edit the public reply
    The editor can add or edit the private replies
    The editor can edit the exchange rate
  • What are the admin’s permissions?
    In addition to the editor’s permissions:
    Remove the private reply settings for all posts
    Can view the statistics
    Cannot remove the page from Kaleem