This privacy policy applies to the domain, all subsidiary domains and sections, and all other related content.

Terms of use

The user shall be liable to any activity breaching the terms of use. The administration of Kaleem platform has the right to delete any activity breaching the privacy policy terms of use.


  • Kaleem platform is mainly designed for commercial and personal use; it is not designed for political use.
  • It is prohibited to use Kaleem platform for any activity relating to the following: pornography, intoxicants, drugs, herbs, violation of privacy and content of any company or person, hacked games and hacking programmes, forex, pyramid and network marketing, sorcery and horoscopes or other related activities.
  • It is prohibited to use Kaleem platform in any activities cheating the users commenting on the posts of the Facebook page or sending them information different from the information stated in the post.
  • It is prohibited to use Kaleem platform to send links containing ads to click on them.

Authorisations and permissions required by Kaleem platform

What are the authorisations and permissions Kaleem platform requires when signing in?

1- Receive your email address
When the user signs in through Kaleem platform, the platform will ask for the email connected to the user’s Facebook account. The reason for that is to contact the user in case any issue happens or to get the payment and billing details.

2- Show a list of the Pages you manage
When signing in to Kaleem platform, adding or removing a page, the platform can display the list of user’s pages on Facebook. Permission is only for display; the platform cannot access any page without the admin’s permission.

3- Manage your Page
After displaying the list of pages, the user can choose a page or more to give Kaleem platform permission to manage. After selecting this page, the platform will have permission to manage this page only. In this case, the platform can read the posts of the page to enable the user to add public and private replies through it as well as read the comments to reply to them.

4- Manage and access Page conversations on Messenger
Aim: to send a private message to the user when commenting. This message will be the one identified by page admin for the private and public reply. This permission also allows Kaleem platform to send messages to the users when a chatbot is added to the page.

5- Publish as Pages you manage
Aim: to send a reply in a comment to the user in private and public replies.

Questions on permissions:

Can Kaleem platform read previous messages on messenger?
No, Kaleem platform cannot read any messages on the page. The platform does not have this permission from Facebook.

Can Kaleem platform delete a user and prevent them from managing their page and consequently get the page?
Kaleem platform can never do that. The platform has specific permissions to manage the page but does not have this permission.

Does Kaleem platform store messenger messages?
Kaleem platform does not store any messages and cannot access previous messages.

What user statistics does Kaleem platform have?
So far, Kaleem platform has the statistics of numbers of comments, messages sent through public and private replies using the platform only, and the number of Facebook pages within the system, namely the ones the user permitted Kaleem to access them.

Can Kaleem platform add Facebook posts on the user’s page without their permission?
Theoretically, that is possible because Kaleem has this permission. Practically, however, the platform cannot do this action. Kaleem platform is completely committed that the account owner is the only one who can manage the page — noting that Facebook shows all details of posting and who did that.

How can I delete Kaleem platform permanently and remove all permissions it has on Facebook pages?
You can do that here, choose Kaleem application and delete it. Also, you can delete every order (comment, message) posted through Kaleem platform on the same page after clicking delete.

The information we gather

Kaleem platform provides services through Facebook; therefore, we get the basic information which the user agrees to provide through Facebook. For example, name, email, profile picture, and the pages the user permitted to access.

We note that we do not store any details of the payment method used on Kaleem platform because it is done through a third party, such as banks and financial institutions. We store what these parties allow us to, such as the amount paid and username.

When using Kaleem platform, you agree to our use of cookies. They are kept by the platform for some time to use them to improve the services we provide to users, such as saving the language you prefer using in our site. Also, we are allowed to share this information with a third party for this purpose.

Please note that third parties (including, for example, ads networks and external service providers, such as google analytics) can also use cookies over which we do not have any control. Probably, the cookies used by these parties are of the kind used for analytical, performance, or targeting purposes.

You can prevent the use of your cookies by activating the settings on your browser which allows you to reject or identify all or some cookies noting that you may not be able to access all or some parts of our site.

Information sharing

Kaleem platform, unless legally required, is committed to abstain from disclosing any personal information or sell it to a third party noting that some necessary information is shared with our site service providers.


The user acknowledges that he/she is the only person responsible for the nature of the use they specify for Kaleem platform. Kaleem platform management clears itself, to the highest extent permitted by law, from all responsibility for any losses, damages, costs, or expenses incurred or underwent by the user or any other party as a result of using or failing to use Kaleem platform.

Content monitoring

Kaleem platform management reserves the right to monitor any content entered by the user without being obliged to do so because it cannot monitor all users’ input. Therefore, it reserves this right (without being incumbent on it) of deleting, removing or editing any input which may breach the terms and provisions of the site without referring to the user.

Local copyright laws protect all contents of this platform. By subscribing, the user implicitly and explicitly agrees to the commitment to copyright notifications appearing on the platform’s pages.

By signing up for Kaleem platform, you agree to the following terms and provisions

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